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Margaret Abukutsa Vidolo is the author of “Diamond Underneath: Resilience In Times Of Crisis “The Secret for Bouncing Back, Overcoming Difficulties, Trauma & Stress” and “Life Is A Tunnel” She is also a speaker, a preacher, a coach and entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Eldoret to Sheldon and Rabecca Abukutsa, Margaret is a fourth born in a family of seven siblings. She was educated at the famous Moi Girls’ High School formerly Highlands school during the colonial period. She is a certified Quantity Surveyor (Mombasa polytechnic) civil engineering, which she is practicing to date.

She is a resilient career woman, who had the courage and strength to take on the male-dominated careers (Quantity Surveyor and Civil Engineer) and thrive. A resilient woman who overcame prolactinoma, a condition that rendered her childless for five years. A strong and enduring woman who survived two brain surgeries and lives to tell her story of resilience, hope, courage and strength in times of adversity. Her life’s purpose is to do what she loves: building structures in people’s lives, just as she does in construction buildings.

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A speaker, A preacher, A coach and entrepreneur

Margaret’s life is no stranger to battles. As she explains, Life has trained her to be tough, resilient, hopeful and strong. Her favorite biblical quote as it refers to her attitude towards life is (Psalms 144:1NIV) “Who is my rock”, He trains my hands for war and gives my fingers skill for battle.” Margaret states that she did not give up despite encountering obstacles. She believes that by fighting, we can defend our territory and space and that despite challenges, there are experiences in life that we must battle and convert into experiences that motivate each of us to keep on going and fighting the good fight.

She knows that her victory is not just pure luck but “it’s the grace of God. She says that hers is not a unique story but an inspiration worth sharing.

The chapters of my story will inspire you, encourage and assure you that things happen for a reason. Like Joseph’s story, there is a silver lining of hope and divine orchestration to any struggle that God intends to use for His glory.”)

The turning point

in Margaret’s life

was after undergoing two brain surgeries, the last one being in India in June 2015, which became her springboard to writing and sharing her story and journey with the world through various platforms. She realized everyone goes through real issues and challenging moments in life. While some can bounce back, and move on with life, others succumb. The difference she tells lies in the ability of one to be strong resilient and hopeful and endure through life’s journey and to guard one’s heart against any pressure from outside and within in order to unleash the Diamond hidden in you.

Margaret believes everyone has a diamond within yet to be revealed. She therefore seeks to inspire her readers to be strong, hopeful and resilient in time of adversity to unleash the hidden diamond, because you are The Diamond Underneath.

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Margaret is a wife to Rehoboam Vidolo, popularly known as Reho and a mother to two precious daughters, Diamond and Jewel.

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