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Resilience In Times Of Crisis

My objective for writing the book:

Diamond underneath: Resilience in Times Of Crisis “The Secret for Bouncing Back, Overcoming Difficulties, Trauma & Stress”

In the book, I document my personal journey and experiences throughout my life (46 years) and what I have gone through and as a result, what helped me develop certain qualities of a distinct woman in the generation I live in. I believe what the bible says thatam an epistle to be read by those in the faith and those outside the household of faith”.


RESILIENCE was what I had to become and it’s a virtue I want to share with the world.

My second motivation to write this book also stems from the fact that recorded events can serve as lessons to be learned by generations. Like Moses was instructed by God to record phases of the journey of the Israelites,  I believe my journey in a book form or any other form carries that wealth of experience that I carry to remind me to be humble and ascribe any success I have gotten to God.

I  have come to discover that due to life’s challenges, most ladies or women have a tendency of caving in to pressure from different quarters.  The most affected are career women who believe in “false satisfaction” and ‘independence” away from godly set standards.

I believe God is calling me to this ministry to minister to ladies between the ages of 18 to 45 years who are the “cream of womanhood” in society. The younger ambitious women have a bubble that most of the time bursts for lack of purpose and wrong modeling. Those who may seem to be on the right track get detracted or become impatient during the wait for the right things or opportunities. I strongly trust God to minister resilience and the right heart attitude when they are going through any kind of crisis or adversity.

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Below are the specific areas many women struggle in:

Why I am using writing as a platform:

Am using a book as part of my platform because as a medium it will reach most of the aforementioned. I believe that anyone who reads the book will either identify with what I went through and hence seek advice or ignite conversations around the various topics as listed in the book.

I have this strong passion to reach women at various career levels and especially those professionals who may never be reached through church or any religious setup. Most of them have certain walls around them especially orchestrated by money, academia and power.

The insecurity around them has made most of them fold back yet they are suffering internally. This kind of women can only listen to someone who speaks their language and exhibits authority by literal work or published material. This therefore is my hope that through my published works I can open a window of interaction that can yield value to the kingdom.

My area of specialization is (as an engineer, a surveyor) and in building is a unique one. Already my bosses can listen to me because of the experience and management skills in the building world. I strongly believe my packaging of the message of the kingdom through the eyes of the building code and related field of engineering will go a long way to impact young women who are looking for someone to relate to and who will understand them (their circumstances, challenges and life experience). The language of “Building Up” is one that they understand effectively

We go through life not for ourselves but for others. I have documented my life as a letter to be read just like Paul says, “we are letters to be read by all”.

The story behind my writing carries another story behind it. Capturing certain values and attitudes that must be exercised by readers who need a shift in how they handle challenging situations. The story entails specific areas that will eventually be a talking point hence addressing certain deficiencies as below:


The first chapter is about my upbringing and the family values that were instilled in us at that young age. Although my dad worked in a workstation far from home, he ensured he never missed out on our upbringing and later when he got born again (“Became a Christian”), he emphasized kingdom values which I feel is lacking in the modern parenting models.

As a young person struggling with poor self-esteem because my parents related to me from a point of being a failure in the academic world, I gave my life to Christ in form one and this was my “turning” point.

In today’s world, sometimes parents exert pressure on their children to deliver certain results and will base “the success of their children” based on these false parameters.

At an early age and as a “Born Again Christian”, my identity in Christ-shaped me for the challenges ahead. I, therefore, understand the pressures young people may have, including students who come from religious homes. I have tried to cover situations that may arise from such scenarios and how to remain obedient to your parents and still pursue righteousness.

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In my case, failing my national exams more than once looked like my final predicament. I write to let my readers know that false expectations happen. When it does it’s good to know how to handle the pressure.

But most importantly failing a piece of paper doesn’t write off God’s purposes for one’s life. This book seeks to correct certain perceptions about failing in life. I want to be able to spark off a conversation around people who fail exams and their fate, I want to demystify the whole misconception around education  and to highlight the need to maintain a positive and fighting attitude (Resilience).

The current generation has placed a high expectation on: -

My going to India for treatment was a time God used me to understand to minister to diverse and different cultures. Behind the scenes, I was not consumed by situations around me but saw an opportunity right in my predicament. During my time in India, we prayed for many marriages, and they were restored (6 years later, these marriages are still strong) and so are many other happy results and incidences from these prayers.


I have decided I will publish materials that will address misconceptions about womanhood and singlehood

I write to let young women know their purpose on earth must be so important that they cannot trade it for today’s need just like Esau.

I remember how I once stayed without food in a private hostel in Mombasa.


After training in the much sort after Engineering course, I thought that getting a job would be like a walk in the park. It did not turn out that way. My expectations were high after graduating, the reality was that it was not that easy to get a job.  Even after getting a 2-year contract,  the job ended unceremoniously. There were a lot of options to me as a young women, including: deciding to get married early,  giving a bribe for another job or leading a life not worthy of my salvation (“born again Christian”).  Patience was a virtue I needed badly.

I want to create a conversation that will redefine civil service. Most people are seeking public service or still private sector with money as the only motivation

In my first job ever there was a lot of money, and a lot of evil was evident. Getting swayed was easy but by God’s grace I stood firm to my principles. The peer pressure was real but I remained true to the values I stand for. Money therefore should not be our motivation in service

Issues of timeliness were instilled in me. I like keeping time.

Being paid for the work I do is my joy. Many people currently do not enjoy working, but they love free money.

Integrity in the workplace is very important. Several time I have been offered bribes, but I have been BOLD to decline even if I will sleep hungry. I want to use this as an opportunity to express the need for paying the price to remain pure in controversial work situations that would otherwise compromise my purity and integrity.

I want to share about unfairness in the workplace, discrimination and bias in promotion, gender and lack of appreciation. I work very hard yet in most of the workstations I am been in, am the least appreciated. And yet that has never polluted my heart. As an ideal situation as a woman, it is easy to compromise my stand to gain promotion. I have always known am on a special assignment for God because I work for him and not for man.


I want to use writing as a way of creating awareness to patients who go through such medical conditions (where you are not able to get pregnant but you wish to have children).

The stigma can be so intense from both relatives and even in church.
I have been featured in health digest of the Daily Nation newspaper, KIM magazine and a local tv show which attracted a lot of feedback on the above subject

I want to use this platform to educate my readers on how to handle such situations without getting so consumed by seeking sympathy


How do I use this as an engagement tool for the people outside?
I interact due to my nature of work and various committees I serve with high-end ladies in the cooperate ladder (Women who are economically stable with great influence because of their position or rank in their organizations).  I have come to realize that having a privileged social position is not enough and many are empty and hollow inside. Despite the fact that I may never invite some of these ladies to church or a religious setting, but my book will authenticate my interactions with them. (Currently am mentoring 5 ladies one on one) still growing career-wise.


I like to use the metaphor of how companies and organizations offer hardware support or infrastructure for business to go on.

 I want to offer support to women, what I call the “software part”. This deals with helping women get support and restoring their “Core” or what I like to call their “internal government”. The main reason is that nobody was there to mentor me when I needed it. I want to use this book as a platform and a gateway to mentor others. I have had the opportunity to mentor many ladies in different situations, including 4 smart women interested in the Engineering profession and family matters.   I can testify that we have been a letter to them to know Christ and see God

The above objectives all offer a platform that breaks the ice to allow a conversation based on mature conversation and opportunity for accountability and growth

At the back of my mind, I have a dream to address specific key areas that I believe will help in transforming lives.


1. This chapter is about the meaning of a supportive spouse.

What it means to have a supportive spouse when one is sick.

2. When a working mum has to be away from her young family what is a supportive spouse is.