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Hi, Meet Margaret Abukutsa Vidolo

She is a Civil Engineer, a construction consultant, an author, a speaker and a mentor who focuses on inspiring women to be resilient. She is the Founder and CEO of spectatalks ventures as well as co – founder of The Maturity Centre Ministry.

Helping Ladies Claim their inspired lifestyle thru' Resilience

“ I am passionate about building lifetime structures which is building human lives and building physical structures. ”

one thing I’ve been asked

How did you get started in all of this?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by human potential and the ability we have to craft the outcomes that we experience in our lives.

Apart from building structures as an engineer, I have always been passionate about building lifetime structures which is building human lives and building physical structures


My Story

Born and raised in Eldoret to Sheldon and Rabecca Abukutsa, Margaret is a fourth born in seven siblings. She was educated at the famous Moi Girls’ High School, formerly Highlands school, during the colonial period. She later joined Mombasa polytechnic, where she studied construction and specialized in Quantity Survey, which has been practiced to date.

Her love and passion for engineering have endeared her to most projects and jobs that are mostly male-dominated in the construction industry.

A wife, a mother of two girls, diamond 7years and Jewel 6 years is a career woman with experience in public and private corporate sectors.

Margaret, an author and equally an entrepreneur wants to use all this asset and wealth of experience to inspire.

After undergoing two brain surgeries, the turning point in her life, the last one being in India in June 2015, became her springboard to writing and sharing her story and journey with the world through various platforms. She realized everyone goes through real issues and challenging moments in life. While others can bounce back and move on with life, others succumb. The difference she says lies in the ability of one to be strong, resilient, and hopeful through the life journey and must have a strong internal which she refers to as the core, which is to guard one’s heart against any pressure from outside and within to unleash the diamond hidden in you.

Margaret narrates her journey in life right from childhood obstacles to academic success, health challenges that led to being childless for some time, and her experience with multiple side effects resulting from using medicine with no hope of getting well. Her survival of the two brain tumors is her reason to encourage and inspire people of all walks. Margaret believes everyone has a diamond within yet to be revealed. She, therefore, seeks to inspire her readers to be strong, hopeful, and resilient in a time of adversity to unleash the hidden diamond.

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The contents of this book narrate the behind-the-scenes story of the life of a resilient career woman. A woman who, despite the struggles she faced, had the courage and strength to charge on into a male-dominated career and thrive. A career woman who did not give up on her dream of becoming a professional Quantity Surveyor after failing exams three times in a Roll and later became a Civil Engineer Technician. A resilient woman who was diagnosed with prolactinoma, a condition that rendered her childless for five years. A strong and enduring woman who survived two brain surgeries and lives to tell her story of resilience, hope, courage, and strength in times of adversity.

The main character is an uncommon woman of any time; nothing puts her down. She handles tough and rough jobs in the male-dominated field of construction. She dresses in overalls, a dusty coat with a helmet and boots to fiercely operate like a four-wheel bulldozer on rough terrains, valleys, mountainous and hilly sites to manage construction projects. She climbs on top of buildings under construction to supervise and determine the quality of structures and determine the cost of development projects. Her
life’s purpose is to build a lifetime structure:-building people’s lives and constructing buildings, and she loves it. Like the words in her favourite advertisement of a particular cement brand, she believes that “structures don’t lie.”


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