The DIAMOND Underneath Resilience in times of crisis


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The contents of this book narrate the behind-the-scenes story of the life of a resilient career woman. A woman who, despite the struggles she faced, had the courage and strength to charge on into a male-dominated career and thrive. A career woman who did not give up on her dream of becoming a professional Quantity Surveyor after failing exams three times in a Roll and later became a Civil Engineer Technician. A resilient woman who was diagnosed with prolactinoma, a condition that rendered her childless for five years. A strong and enduring woman who survived two brain surgeries and lives to tell her story of resilience, hope, courage, and strength in times of adversity.

The main character is an uncommon woman of any time; nothing puts her down. She handles tough and rough jobs in the male-dominated field of construction. She dresses in overalls, a dusty coat with a helmet, and boots to fiercely operate like a four-wheel bulldozer on rough terrains, valleys, mountainous and hilly sites to manage construction projects. She climbs on top of buildings under construction to supervise and determine the quality of structures and determine the cost of development projects. Her life’s purpose is to build a lifetime structure:-building people’s lives and constructing buildings, and she loves it. Like the words in her favourite advertisement of a particular cement brand, she believes that “structures don’t lie.”

Her life is no stranger to battles, right from school, job, marriage, and her journey to spiritual realisation. Yet, when asked how she managed to attain the lifestyle she now has, her first and always response is a quote from Psalms 144:1: – “who is my rock, He trains my hands for war and gives my fingers skill for battle.”

That is Margaret Abukutsa Vidolo for you. Life has trained me to be tough, resilient, hopeful, and strong. I did not throw in the towel because of the many stumbling blocks in my life. I am the heroine of my own story. I believe that by fighting, we can defend our territory and space. There is an allocated sphere from which we rule and determine what God designed us to exist and prosper. Although life-threatening, there are experiences in life that we must
battle and convert into experiences that motivate each of us to keep ongoing—fighting the good fight.

Many people in my life mistake my victory against all the bad experiences for luck. But I always set the record straight; “it’s the grace of God, the heavenly resource that no human mind can comprehend. What the apostle Paul says I am what I am because of the grace of God.” (1 Cor 15:10-11)

I was acquainted with the grace of God in 1989 when I was a teenager. This was the remarkable incident that shaped my entire life journey. As a wife to Rehoboam Vidolo, popularly known as Reho, and a mother to two precious daughters Diamond and Jewel, I overcame many adversities. I fought through. I developed a nature that is defiant of any pressure.

In life, adversities may come in bizarre ways: losing a loved one, losing a job, miscarriage or stillbirth, divorce, a failed marriage or relationship, loss of children to drugs, alcoholism, immorality, and the list is endless.

It’s not a unique story but an inspiration worth sharing. The chapters of my story will inspire you, encourage and assure you that things happen for a reason. Like Joseph’s story, there is a silver lining of hope and divine orchestration to any struggle that God intends to use for his glory.

Gen 50:19-21
‘Then Joseph said to his brothers, “Come close to me.” When they had done so, he said, “I am your brother Joseph, the one you sold into Egypt! 5 And now, do not be distressed and do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you.’

God, in His wisdom, sees the outcome. He is a generational God. His plans are for future generations to be well, secured, and preserved. What we see on the surface may be the tears and the suffering, but God is using that to bring out the best in you for the sake of generations to come.

God’s assurance is always for us to remain “STILL” psalms 46:10 in the storm of time and further tells us not to throw away our “CONFIDENCE” Hebrew 10:35.

The world is in chaos. However, suppose we look at it as the behind-the-scenes. Then, the raw mineral that is being pressured to unleash the diamond underneath will fundamentally change our sight of the chaos and instability. This story of stillness in the eye of any storm is here to let you know that for every wound, there is a scar, and every scar tells a story. A story that says I survived.

Don’t let the pain define you but let it refine you into a diamond, the perfect diamond.


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