The Maturity Center

speaker services

Speaker Services

Spectatalks is an initiative designed to build, develop and empower women to interface with the critical 21st century challenges by using capacity building tools and program coping skills to help them radiate and achieve their potential to the fullest extent possible.
Programs include:

  • Person to person coaching
  • Conferences
  • Transformational group coaching
  • Mentorship Forums.
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    Coaching service

    Coaching Services

  • Resilience In Times Of Crisis
  • Christianity and Spiritual Wellbeing
  • Entrepreneurship & Career Development
  • Career Development
  • Civil Engineering For Women
  • Relationships & Marriage Counselling
  • Maturity Center Ministry

    Maturity Center Ministry

    The Maturity Centre is a ministry that is endowered with spiritual resources to train, equip and empower lives of men, women, children and families to grow and mature in God and to be able to function effectively and accurately as God’s original intent was.