The Maturity Center

Spectatalks is an initiative designed to build, develop and empower women to interface with the critical 21st century challenges by using capacity building tools and program coping skills to help them radiate and achieve their potential to the fullest extent possible.

The name SpectaTalks came from the word Spectacles, meaning “the lens from which sight is enhanced for clarity in making decisions for life”. Rehoboam and Margaret believe life without sight is a life of futility and purposelessness.

The objective of The Maturity Center and Spectatalks is “To build lifetime structures in the lives of people so that they can effectively serve God’s divine purpose in their lives”.

Youth Programs- Girls

Through SpectaTalks the mandate to reach youth in schools by conducting motivational talks has a great impact. Margaret has a passion of talking to school and College girls who need a lot of mentoring and guidance to grow into effective functional womanhood.

 Margaret conducts training and does psychological counselling sessions to various groups of people specifically schoolgirls who have academic challenges. She uses her own experience while in school to help these girls. We have many schoolgirls who for lack of parental guidance drop out of school because of early pregnancies. Most of them find it hard to cope with the challenges of being young mothers and at the same time pursue education.

Using the Spectatalks, family forums are conducted to empower, organize family retreats and prayer sessions to strengthen the family bond and ultimately produce mature people in faith.

Spectatalks is an initiative designed to build and develop women to interface with the current critical challenges of the 21st Century using divine wisdom and capacity. The world is trying to define women in a certain way which is against the order and architecture of the kingdom of God. Margaret Rehoboam believe they have been well prepared as a tool in God’s hands to adjust the fallacy and dysfunctions in women brought about by wrong teachings from effects of globalization, in equal measure.

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